My name is Yemurai Crawford, and I am the founder and editor in chief of two websites namely The Lip Spa and Learning Natural Hair
I remember constantly picking my ever-changing dream jobs as a child and the older I grew the more my desires changed. At various points in my life, I wanted to be a Lawyer, a Doctor, an Accountant, and a Professor. I realized that I would have to master lying, deal with blood, analyze numbers and grade papers daily had I picked those temporary passions of mine. After receiving a tennis scholarship I traveled to the US with the intention of graduating with a BS in Accounting. I was going to be a Chartered Accountant and make so much money so that I could retire early and actually do what I really wanted to do. Since I had not found my calling, this was a solid plan for me. I graduated from Midway University with a Bachelors of the Arts in Business Administration and Accounting. I landed a decent job and no, my heart was not in it; (the check kept me going)
On the 27th of July in 2011, I cut off all my hair. I was tired of the damaged appearance and broken strands that were clogging my shower. As I nurtured my hair daily I decided to start documenting and blogging about my hair. Starting with a youtube channel, I later branched into writing. My website Learning Natural Hair was born.
I live in Alabama with my husband and two sons. Being blessed with the opportunity to nurture these two has been more than an honor. My desire is to encourage and inspire women of all ages to learn or continue to love their true selves. My desire is to help women to never depend on those superficial, artificial products in order to feel comfortable in their own skin. I share beauty and skincare tips and reviews.

As I grow I share what I am learning. I ave self-reflective posts that I hope will resonate with others. I have posts that have been featured on one of the main natural hair websites Kinky Curly Coily Me. I have done collaborative works in an attempt to broaden my audience to make sure my message is reaching more women and men in this world.
Now that I have found my passions and answered my callings, it's time to put into action my many thoughts. 
See you here, there and everywhere!


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