TIPS - Baldhead Makeup Routine

After shaving my head many people were going nuts about the pictures I was posting on my Instagram account. They were kinda fly if I do say so myself.
So I decided to record a video to give an idea of how I apply my makeup.

I have seen many people apply makeup on their bald head and that's fine; only if you are bald and do not mind any foreign substances on your scalp. I have a sensitive scalp and I can't afford to play around. I also wasn't and still not sure whether or not I am growing out my hair or staying bald so I think it's best I don't cause possible damage. 

Another thing I want to call out is that I do not always use a setting powder. Setting spray is a must whether or not I use any but especially when I play with powder because I have dry skin and I love dewy makeup. Dewy makeup does give a youthful vibe so I am always trying to look moisturized.
I don't always apply lipstick, of course, I love my mented lipglosses all
 day errday shawty!!!
I do plan on uploading a realistic daily makeup look but until then...enjoy the video below:


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