Duvolle Radiance Spin-Care System #skincare #duvolle

I was sent the Duvolle Radiance Spin-Care System by a company named Duvolle. It was right on time for me to replace the heads on my current brush so my stars are definitely aligned right?

What comes in the set?

It includes 4 Interchangeable accessories:
  • Large body cleansing brush
  • Facial exfoliation brush
  • Facial cleansing brush
  • Pumice stone

Anything to highlight????

For me, the body brush and the fact that it is water resistant sold me immediately!

What's the cost?

Originally this set costs $95 on their site. I do however have a 75% discount code that brings the price down tremendously. This code is storewide so if you are more into hair styling than skincare, you can use the code.

Check out the break down below:

♡Duvolle™ - 70% OFF PROMO CODE: GIFTED70 ♡Duvolle™ Radiance Spin-Care System: $28.50 http://duvolle.com/radiance-spin-care... ♡Duvolle™ Pro Series 32mm Curling Wand: $34.50 http://duvolle.com/curling-wands/ ♡Duvolle™ “Impulse” Far-Infrared Hair Straightener: $55.50 http://duvolle.com/hair-straighteners/ ♡Duvolle™ “Rendezvous” Titanium Styling Iron: $58.50 http://duvolle.com/rendezvous-titaniu...

 Watch my review below to hear my thoughts on the product:


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