I'm Bald Now

Many people have the luxury to travel the world and relocate. I kept it small. I've been having my lil' eat pray love journey right here on the tennis court. It's ironic how the one place that I made me feel suffocated is the only place I gain peace of mind daily.

Though enlightening, not every day was a dream. The journey of self descovery forces you to truly look at yourself. Many things about me have been revealed to me and it's time to shed the pain, the guilt, the shame... let it all go

Like I mentioned, I've been on a journey and I needed cleansing. The first step was to shed my pain. I shaved my head.  I cut off all my #naturalhair .
The next is to cleanse my vessel; I'm going on a juice cleanse.

If you ever feel lost or angry and in pain but not know the root cause, force yourself to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Going #bald has been the best thing I've done for myself this year so far.

My journey is not complete. It's just beginning. It will hurt sometimes and you'll not like your reflection at times; but it's worth it.


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