Hassle -Free Toddler's Wash Day Tips

I'm not going to do much chit chat today so let's get to the tips. The tips below cater to you; today's hairdresser. The video linked at the end shares tips that cater to your cute little client.

1) Choose the time of day when you don't have pressing chores. The best thing to do is make sure you are relaxed because apart from the fact that kids can feel and read energy (especially yours momma), stress will cause you to unintentionally lose patience with anything you are doing or anyone around you.

2) You know how you love spa day with your girls / mom or even by yourself? Well this is spa day with a toddler. Grab products that smell and feel good. Set the atmosphere for a session of therapeutic hair care. Light a candle, play a movie and bond.Try that new facial mask you bought with aloe vera in it. Use this time to unplug from all the worries of the world. It's just you two and it's all that matters.

3) Multitask, have a conversation with the little one. No matter the age. Do a load of laundry, press start on the dishwasher. teach them a new song, work on numbers, shapes and colors. Knock out that learning time on the schedule and this will open up more time for you both and you can finally go out and eat your froyo in the store not on the go.

4) Catch up on an audio book  or listen to some music while your kid is distracted. Once you've done all the talking, singing and teaching, the little one just wants to watch an episode of his / her favorite show. Use this time to indulge in your pleasures you rarely have time for.

5) If you can pull this one off without the young one wanting to play-fight with daddy, use this moment to teach him how to care for the young one's hair. This was in future you can take turns and it never feels like a chore when wash day for your toddler rolls by.

At the end of the day, once those strands are moisturized, sealed and styled; put the ids to sleep and have some wine. You earned it!

In the video below, I gave tips that focus on your toddler and what will help make this wash day even more hassle-free.


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