About My Headwraps

I've come to the realization that, whatever my age may be, validation from my parents is thee morale booster. I've had many people express to me about how they love my headwraps but i never felt it worth any mentioning till my mother spoke on it. It took a simple "your wrap is beautiful" from my mother that I felt the urge to brag a little. I already made a few videos on my YouTube channel showing how I tie my scarves on my head and today I thought i'd share where I get my scarves from and show a few from my collection.

I also linked the sites to where I purchased the scarves shown in the video and give ideas as to where to find some. Below I've linked the videos of how to tie headwraps the way I do and also a bit of a show and tell of my scarves.

My Head-wraps and Scarves



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